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Welcome to my website

Hello everyone and thank you for checking out my website, as of 10/01/2023 this is still a work in progress, as I am still working on a store where prints will be sold. Please vote here if you could be interested in buying a print!

Would you buy a print?

  • Yes

  • No

  • Maybe (please write why in the comments :-))

Thanks for voting!

In the future, I will post tips and tricks, stories about future travels and much more on this blog, and if you want to hear more from me then I would recommend signing up for my mail newsletter, where you will also get a little present ;-)

Well please feel free to explore my site! And if you want to see my newest photos, follow me on Instagram ( and sign up for my newsletter.

Thank you for reading, in the future, there will be a lot less self-promotion, and hopefully, a lot more content that can help other photographers and people who are interested in my travels!

And here is a photo I have never shown before:

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1 Comment

Marius Karlsson
Marius Karlsson
Jan 07, 2023

Hello everyone!😊

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